Sevier County Democrats Meet to Celebrate Medicare’s 52nd Birthday July 30, 2017


On July 30, the Sevier County Democrats met to celebrate Medicare turning fifty two years old. It was signed into law , made possible by a Democratic controlled House and Senate, by Democrat President, Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965. We can all agree that it is one of the most popular pieces of legislation ever passed by Congress, with the main goal of providing medical security for the elderly upon retirement. Medicare, a federal program, and Medicaid, a state and federal program, were both signed into law in 1965, with Medicaid being a program for people with very low income. Democrats held the majority in all three branches of government in 1965,thus enabling the passage of H.R. 6675.

Today Medicare covers over 55 million Americans, and has become a much loved safety net for people who would otherwise go without healthcare.It took fifty three years from the time of the idea of a national health insurance plan in 1912, to the final outcome in 1965. It had not gained much momentum until 1945, when Democrat President Harry S. Truman, called on Congress to create a national health insurance fund for all Americans. Though Truman fought hard to get a bill passed during his term, he did not succeed. It would be another twenty years before some form of national health insurance, Medicare for Americans 65 and older, and Medicaid for very low income persons, would become a reality. The very first person to receive their Medicare Card was none other than the champion who fought hard for it, President Harry S. Truman.

Today it is being threatened by the majority controlled Republican House, Senate and Presidency in order to further their agenda, which is detrimental to millions of hard working Americans.

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